My love of gardening

This morning when I was out in the garden, I thought “why not share my love of gardening with those that may be interested?”. I am tying this blog into my massage therapy practice because of the importance it holds in my life. If you’d like to read about garden projects and updates, check back here every so often. If you’re not interested, no problem! I’ve had several clients interested in my methods and how they work, so I thought I would provide some information on a larger scale.

When I was involved in a car accident in 2014, my life as I knew it changed. I had to stop riding my motorcycle. I had to stop taking my dogs on hikes. I could barely do the things that I was so used to doing. As my recovery progressed, I wanted to find a new passion that I could pursue in my downtime that didn’t require a lot of strain on my body. I’ve always been a busy body, and being a fine finish carpenter’s son, I grew up learning the skills to create somethings out of nothings. I also grew up on a little more than an acre of property in Tigard, where we had several gardens, kiwi, figs, a plethora of apples and pears as well as a variety of grapes, plums, peaches, cherries, blueberries…it seemed like yard projects were boundless. I loved absolutely every part of it.

When I moved into my home in June of 2011, the yard was a mess. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. With a little imagination and a will to follow my passions, I started my first garden bed in 2015. Over the last 4 years, a lot has changed, but it’s just been daily 1% improvements. The garden of Kaizen. I don’t intend on making this post a lengthy one, but will include the first day I moved in, followed by a recent picture. Over the following months, I hope to share some how to’s of my self-watering raised garden beds, vertical strawberry towers, water barrel storage, as well as any other projects that may be of interest to others out there.

For anyone that’s interested, i’m an open book. I love to share knowledge with those that seek it, and will help in any way I can, just ask!